Wednesday, May 2, 2012

10 Week Sonogram Pics

I am so blessed to have an OB/GYN dad close by that likes to do extra sonograms for me! We did one this past Monday night (10 weeks along) that was so good. The baby was moving so much! He/she is 3 centimeters long which is still very tiny but we could see the little arms and legs moving, and we could even see toes! My dad now has a 3D machine which he didn't have when I was pregnant with Graham so it was fun to get some 3D shots too. 

 In this picture you can see the little legs crossed:
 This is the one where my dad took the measurements and you can see the little toes!

 His/her head looks so big right now!
Baby has a very strong heartbeat and looks perfectly healthy. We feel so incredibly blessed! Thank you so much, dad, for taking these amazing pictures!


  1. It is amazing to see your little one being so perfectly formed in your womb. :) You truly ARE lucky to get so many sneak peeks!

  2. That is so neat to see such tiny sonogram pics. How exciting to get your little girl or guy before he/she even comes out!