Monday, May 21, 2012

13 Weeks

This was the first day that I felt like I really looked pregnant! I've lost my waistline! It's definitely popping out a lot faster this time around. I cut off my head in this photo because I had no makeup on. But wouldn't you rather look that that little cutie playing in the sink??

How far along? 13 weeks and 5 days
How big is the baby? About 3 inches long.
Are you in maternity clothes? I'm wearing maternity pants, and I can still wear my regular shirts (mostly). 
How do you feel physically? I caught a nasty cold this weekend, but I'm feeling better now. Besides that I feel great!
Sleep? I've been sleeping better the last week! And not napping as much. Loving the 2nd trimester!
Miss anything? Besides my coffee....not really!
Feeling movement of the baby? Not yet.
Food cravings? Fruit, cereal, spicy foods
Gender of the baby? Still don't know! Hoping to find out soon. 
Mood? I feel a little overwhelmed. We just sold our house so I'm going to have to pack everything up and prepare for a garage sale. But I am excited about this next phase!

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