Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Fun!

In my last post I wrote about how much Graham loves to climb. He now can climb on top of our dining chairs and our recliner. Yikes! We have to keep a close eye on this child.

If you don't live in Texas you may not know that lately it has been HOT here! The only thing that we can do outside is go to the pool. On Monday Graham and I began our mommy and me swim classes. It has been really fun! Graham has his ups and downs. Sometimes he laughs and has a great time and sometime he gets scared and cries. We have also been enjoying our wonderful neighborhood pool. Today we blew up Graham's new pool for the backyard. We had so much fun! First we tried it out without water in the living room.

Then we put on a swimmy diaper and moved the party outside.

It was also a lot of fun to climb in and out of the pool.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well I've shared with you in the past how Graham likes to "help" me with the dishes. He LOVES the dishwasher! Go figure.

His new favorite thing to "help" me with his the laundry. His face lights up when I carry a basket full of laundry to the living room to fold. I've discovered that the laundry basket makes a great toy!

And yes, he did climb on top of the basket all by himself! We've got a climber on our hands. Luckily, for now there are not too many things low enough for him to climb on...I know that won't always be the case!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Graham doing his everyday Graham stuff

Here is a little news about Graham. He has 8 teeth now and is learning how to use them! In the last week he has mastered holding his own sippy cup. The most exciting news is that I've signed Graham up for mommy and me swim classes! I'm excited. We start in 2 weeks and our good friends Tara and Jaxon Rich will be joining us. I'll let you know how it goes, for sure!

Craft Projects

A couple of months ago my good friend/neighbor Cassie asked me to make her a new nursing cover. By the way, she delivered a healthy baby GIRL named Hadley last night! Somebody had the genius idea to make a nursing cover with boning sewn in at the top so that you can see your baby but you're still covered while you nurse. I didn't have one like this when I was nursing, but I will definitely be making one when the time comes again! And it was so easy! Click here for a tutorial on making a nursing cover:

After I realized how easy it was, I thought that a homemade nursing cover would make a very special baby gift for another close friend of mine who is due in September. (It seems that all of my friends are having babies right now. I guess I'm at that age!) Hers turned out really cute too!

OK, so here is my big summer project. My grandmother picked up this chair at an estate sale.

I love this rocking chair. Its small enough to fit in Graham's tiny bedroom. Its comfortable. Its unique. But I don't love the upholstery. Plus the pink kind of clashes with everything in G's room. So I have plans to recover (or slip-cover) it a very cute apple green (to fit in a boy or girl's room). Oh how I wish I had one of my vastly more talented and crafty friends to help me like Mary Catherine Schallart or Amanda Biles! Alas, they are too far away to help. I am going to try and get my extremely talented Aunt Rachel to help me. If it works, "after" pictures will follow. =)