Sunday, May 13, 2012

12 Week Sonogram Pics

I got to go to my dad's again for a sonogram this weekend. Little one was really moving! He/she was all over the place! It's amazing to me that I can't feel a thing yet. My dad took some incredible 3D shots. 

This picture with the little hand up is my favorite. 5 fingers! Looks like he/she is saying, "Hi!"

Baby measured 5.26 cm long, which is about 2 inches. 

Here is a a look inside his/her head. You can see their brain! Baby sure does have a big noggin. 

I like this picture, you can see his/her ear. 


  1. Oh Katie! That is amazing. I've never seen 3D pictures on a baby this little! SO precious and God is amazing! We are so happy for yall!