Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sweetest Word I've Ever Heard

After two years it feels pretty darn good to hear a nice loud "Mama!"

Graham has been a little slower to begin verbalizing things, and he seems to just do it in his own way. Most children say "Mama" or "Dada" as their first word. Graham's first word was "yes," which he promptly stopped saying after about a week. He then moved on to "ball" and "Dada." Pretty soon he was saying Dada all the time. Everything reminds him of his dad! He would bring me Chad's shoes with a proud "Dada! Dada!" He would say it while pointing to Chad's coffee mug or his picture. But no Mama. He learned many other words, mostly having to do with his two favorite things: transportation and animals. With a little help from Graham's speech therapist, we got him to start saying "Meme." But he would only rarely say it and with lots of prompting. 

Then, right after Graham's birthday, he started saying "Mama!" Very loud and clear! It's his new buzzword. Now, it seems, everything reminds him of Mama! My water cup, my keys, my clothes, and yes - my picture! Each time he says it is absolute PURE MUSIC to my ears!! I love to hear it. He could say it 1,000 times a day and I wouldn't mind. 

I sure do love my precious boy!

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  1. It is just amazing to see how much Graham is gaining so many new words! He is so lucky to call you his Mama. :)