Monday, October 18, 2010

Graham sits up...and falls over

Don't worry, no babies were harmed in the making of this video! He didn't even cry. I shot this about a week ago and he has now already gotten so good that he hardly ever falls over. Sitting up has definitely changed things! He does not want to lay down to play at all anymore. And he doesn't want to do anything where is he laying back, like in his swing or car seat. I can only imagine how much things will change when he starts crawling!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sitting Up!

Graham has a new trick: he is definitely sitting up on his own now! I am sticking close by though because every once in while he loses his balance and topples over. He is very happy to be able to spend some playtime in this new position! He will be turning 6 months in just a few days. I just can't believe how big he's getting! Chad and I are both so proud of him.

Funny story: since he makes such a mess splashing in his baby bathtub and can sit up now, I decided to try bathing him in the kitchen sink. He was as slippery as an eel! And he was constantly lunging every which way to try to touch and grab everything in sight. I could not keep a hold of him. He ended up bonking his head on the side of the sink (don't worry, he's OK). But I don't think I'll be doing that again! I think next time I'll put his baby tub in the big bathtub instead of on the counter....hmm, I'll figure something out!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hand Specialist

This morning Chad and I took Graham to Grapevine to see a pediatric hand specialist (pretty crazy that doctors can get so specialized, huh?). It was really great to talk with someone who is so knowledgeable! He took some x-rays (they were normal) and thoroughly examined Graham. The doctor felt like we are doing all the right things to help Graham's hands function normally. He was impressed with how much progress his hands have already made in 2 months. He did say that surgery could be a possibility in the future, but that it would be years down the road. Overall Chad and I both liked him and felt very encouraged by his prognosis. We'll go back in 3 months. Graham has his 6 month checkup with the pediatrician next week. I'm really anxious to see how big he's gotten!

Here's a little update on what Graham's been up to: he's doing really well with solid foods, he loves it! So far he's had rice cereal and butternut squash (which I made). I've also made sweet potatoes, which he will try soon. He can almost sit up on his own! He LOVES to bounce when he's sitting in your lap and he loves playing in his exersaucer. He smiles and laughs all day. He wants to reach out and touch everything, especially faces. He is so good, he hardly ever fusses or cries. What a sweet, sweet baby. I hope all my babies are so wonderful!

Monday, October 4, 2010


This weekend we went camping with my extended family (on my dad's side) near Bowie, TX. Most of the group arrived Friday night and stayed through the weekend. We arrived at around lunch time on Saturday, intending to stay all day, not sure if we would stay the night. We had so much fun on Saturday walking, playing games, and visiting with family. We all brought our dogs so there were 8 dogs running around (including Razz). Everyone wanted to love on and hold Graham, of course. We were worried about spending the night because we were concerned that it would get really cold and that none of us would get a good night's sleep. But, that evening we decided to stay. We slept in my mom and dad's HUGE tent. Graham started out the night in his pack and play all bundled up (it wasn't that cold). Around 2:30 the temp. had dropped and Graham's face felt cold so I moved him into our bed; which I didn't want to do because I get so worried about him suffocating, but I felt like I needed to in order to keep him warm. I kept waking up over and over to check and make sure the blankets didn't cover his face! After a few hours I moved him onto my chest where he got and stayed toasty warm. In the morning he was plenty warm but I was cold! I found out that it had gotten down to 47 degrees. Brrr! We ended the memorable trip with a big breakfast and informal church service around the camp fire. I think Graham liked camping! It sure was fun for us. I hope that we'll get to go again soon and make it an Allen family tradition.