Monday, May 28, 2012


Graham's pediatrician recommended at his 2 year checkup that I start taking him to the dentist. I finally got around to it last week. My dentist referred me to a pediatric dentist. These people really know how to work with kids!! As soon as they took us back they started to give Graham toys to play with. It was obvious that they truly desired for it to be a positive experience for him. The dentist said that he wouldn't put Graham in the chair and clean his teeth until he turns 3. He planned to just examine his teeth while he sat in my lap. But Graham wanted to climb up in the chair! He let the dentist look at his teeth without crying or fussing at all. I was so proud! Graham has 17 teeth (3 more molars still to come in) and all his teeth look perfect. Graham then got to pick out a prize. I hope he won't be afraid of the dentist the way I always was!

Here we are waiting in the waiting room:

In the dentist's chair:

He kept his teeth clamped down but the dentist was still able to look around.

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