Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I've got some exciting new I'd like to share! Some of you who read our blog may not know yet that Chad and I planning to move to Mbale, Uganda within the next year. Chad will be the bursar (accountant) for Livingstone International University. LIU is a new Christian University in Uganda; the first classes began in January 2012. He will also be training Africans in the finance office and teach business classes for the University. I will be helping teach at the Mbale Missions School, a small school that meets the educational needs of the missionaries' children. We will also become a part of the Mbale Mission Team.

We are very excited about this opportunity! Those of you who know Chad and I well know that we have hoped and prayed for many years about joining God in his mission overseas. In fact, that's how we met! The first time I saw Chad was at African Missions Fellowship (Harding), he was doing a presentation about his trip to Sudan. We met a couple weeks later at a missions conference. We both did missionary internships to Africa in college. Since we've been married, we have looked at and though about several different opportunities to do the Lord's work overseas, but for one reason or another it just hasn't worked out. We have been so excited to see the Lord opening doors for us to go to Mbale.

We would appreciate your prayers. We are taking a short survey trip to Mbale in June. Please pray for the Lord's guidance, financial provision, safe travel, and for the new relationships that we'll be making with our new teammates and faculty/students at LIU. Thank you in advance for your prayers!

I had to include this picture of Chad from his internship in Mbale :-)


  1. Wow Katie! I am so excited for you guys! Prayers that everything goes smoothly!

  2. You can tell Chad is in his element in this pic! SO VERY excited for your family and this wonderful opportunity - though we will be so very sad to see you go. :(