Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cute Things Graham Does

Just some things I don't want to forget....

  • One time we walked by some rosemary and I showed Graham how to bend over and smell its wonderful fragrance. When we're walking, he now often bends over and sniffs various bushes and plants.
  • Last week Graham came running in the front door (I was about to water my flowers) with a bunch of flowers in his fist and a clump of dirt and roots hanging down.
  • Graham calls the stuffed dog he sleeps with "Razz," which is our dog's name.
  • On Monday night we went to hear my mom's choir group sing. Graham played and looked at books. At a quiet moment, Graham said, "giraffe!" loudly.
  • Graham loves to spot birds. At the zoo, he was just as excited to see a normal everyday bird as he was about any other animal.
  • Graham wakes up happy every morning asking for his Dada. :)

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