Thursday, March 1, 2012


Graham and I have a new favorite past time - riding my bike together!! I just got this new Topeak bike seat.
I have honestly been meaning to order this thing for almost a year, but what can I say? LIFE happened! Chad and I both have mountain bikes and have always enjoyed biking together. We have biked with Graham in a bike seat before, last year on St. Simons Island:
Now we can ride here at home any time we like! When I first strapped him in and put his helmet on, he was afraid. But as soon as we started rolling down the driveway, he was blissfully happy - pointing out cars and trucks right and left like he does when we're driving. The weather here has been SO BEAUTIFUL the last couple of weeks! It is so wonderful to spend so much time outside.

I will take some pictures of us riding together soon. :)

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