Sunday, February 23, 2014

Funny Things

  • The other day when Graham was in the bathtub he said, "hey mom! My bottom burped." Yeah, it was really funny.
  • Molly's new word is "uh oh." She says it all the time, all day long.
  • I dreamt last night that I was in the produce isle of an American supermarket. I lovingly picked out blueberries, raspberries, and scowled at the pineapple. I guess my body is missing the fruits I can't get!
  • Molly loves to push her baby doll stroller around the house. But instead of a baby doll, she almost always has her sippy cup sitting in the seat.
  • Right now Graham is accidentally saying 'stink' instead of 'think.' For example: "I stink I'll go play trains." Or, "I stink Baby Molly's tired and needs to lay down." He often says that when she starts to irritate him.
  • Molly has these really cute Minnie Mouse gum boots her Nonnie sent. They don't fit right now because her calves are too chubby for them to be pulled all the way up! I LOVE her sweet baby fat, especially since I know it may not be around much longer.
  • Graham continues to be extra tall for his age. At a meeting last weekend one of our friends asked another friend who was meeting us for the first time, "Hey, how old do you think that kid is?" He replied, "six." When our friend started laughing he said, "what?? Seven??." Nope, he's still 3 years old!

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