Saturday, February 8, 2014

Picture Tour

The kids and I are home alone this weekend. Chad is in Kampala for a wedding and to pick some people up at the airport. We haven't really had much going on, so I thought it would be fun to take some pictures of some of our favorite places around town for you to see.

Mount Elgon Hotel. This is probably my favorite place in Mbale, aside from our home. We come here often to go swimming and eat out. The people are really friendly, the food is decent, and the views are spectacular. And it's just so peaceful.

This is the truck we are driving today. It belongs to our mission team, and whoever needs it drives it. We have it this weekend since Chad has our car in Kampala.

The Post Office. We stop here to check our box once a week.

Mbale Resort Cafe. We like to come here occasionally for smoothies. I like to take my mentoring group here sometimes for a treat. We've heard rumor of a new coffee shop coming to town...we'll see.

Delicious Dishes. This is our other favorite place to eat in Mbale. It's really surprising that we can get such good Indian food here. We like to get take-out (or "take-away" as they say here) from DD occasionally on the weekends.

Bam. This is one of the grocery stores we like to shop at. I couldn't get a good picture because they were so busy this morning, but in the middle of the picture you can see a small sign that says BAM.

Mbale Church of Christ.

LIU's Temporary Campus. This is where Chad works. LIU is right now renting space from Messiah Theological Institute. MTI is a pastor training school that is overseen by our mission.

Uchumi. This grocery store is brand new. We are pretty excited to have such a big, nice, grocery store in town. They have not yet stocked their meat and dairy freezers, but we have still enjoyed shopping there.

Clock-tower. This clock-tower (there are several in town) sits in the middle of Mbale's biggest intersection. All (or most) intersections in Uganda are roundabouts. Uganda was a British colony so all the infrastructure is British.

The Thatch Gardens. This is one place in Mbale that we wish wasn't here. This is Mbale's most popular night club, and it's really close to our house. On the weekend we can hear their music pumping deep into the night. We've gotten used to it, and with our fans on it's not too bad.

Our gate. Every house (at least in our neighborhood) has it's own compound (yard) surrounded by a fence or wall with a single gate for entry. To get in you drive up to the gate and honk, then the guard (our house is guarded 24 hours a day) opens the gate. Having guards is really important in Mbale because unfortunately there is a lot of theft. Our guards also maintain our compound.

Our street. It's still quite green even though we're right in the middle of dry season.

Our house. We love our house. I'm planning to take pictures of the inside soon, now that I have finished decorating, etc. God really blessed us with a good house.

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  1. I love this little peek at what your life in Uganda looks like. :) Hopefully I'll get an in-person tour someday!