Sunday, March 2, 2014

Random Thoughts

  • Do you want to know what the African dry season is like? It's dusty! The leaves on the trees and bushes are brown...with dust. And it's hot. We have been suffering this past week, praying the rain returns soon.
  • There is a small church right behind our compound. Their worship on Sundays is LONG and to our American ears....awful. Their synthesizer and song leaders are at full volume and rarely on key for hours. But each Sunday I smile to remember that God hears the devotion in their hearts the same as ours, and is pleased.
  • When I know we're about to have a lot of company, like tonight, I have to focus for a few days on making as much filtered water as I can, or else we have to buy some. I'm learning to think ahead.
  • My 15 month old is wearing size 2T and can climb on almost any surface in our house. How did she get so big?!
  • Chad is leaving tomorrow for the states. He'll be gone almost two weeks. I've never had the kids on my own so long. I'm just trusting in the Lord to carry me through it.
  • When he returns he is bringing my mother-in-law. We are beyond excited to have our very first family visitor!
  • More and more, Graham is interested in big kid activities like play games, playing football or soccer, art, reading, etc. Sometimes I feel like I will literally burst with pride. He is almost 4 years old!!
  • I feel like I'm still learning to roll with the punches when it comes to power and water outages. We've had several of those lately. It just makes everything a little bit more complicated.
  • I like to go to "game night" here in Mbale on Tuesday nights, when I can. I love to play games. This past week I laughed until I cried more than once. There are some really fun people here. 
  • God really is trustworthy!

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