Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Big Girl

The past two weeks have been really big for Molly. First of all, she has gone from walking some/crawling some to walking everywhere all the time/obsessed with walking. Second of all, I stopped nursing her about a week ago at 14, almost 15 months old. 

My very clingy momma's girl now seems to have gained new independence. She has been walking and exploring like crazy, not even glancing back to see if I'm still nearby. Can this be my baby??

Just a month ago I was lamenting to my friends about the fact that I can't even walk out of the room without her losing it. I've gained a little of the independence from her I was seeking, and I feel...a bit sad. She's transitioning from baby to toddler and it's so bittersweet.

I'm so beyond proud of my curly-headed little tot. Everyone's always telling me how adorable it is to see her chubby legs and feet toddling around...and I must say I agree! Could be one of the cutest thing I've ever seen, for sure. 

Dear Lord thank you for this baby. Thank you that I was able to nurse her so long. Thank you that she is happy and healthy. Give me wisdom to start teaching her and disciplining her. Help me to lean on you to make good choices. Thank you for her golden curls and her chubby toes and her laugh. I'm so thankful!

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