Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nap Mat

I've been feeling a tad guilty about all the time I've been spending making so many special things for Molly, when I haven't made anything for Graham in a long time. And I didn't really make anything for him when he was born except for a Christmas stocking. When I found out that Graham would need a nap mat for nap time at school on Thursdays, I knew I had found a project I could do for him! I used this tutorial, which basically involves a slipcover for a cheap-o mat with a small pillow and blanket, that all strap together nicely. I took Graham with me to Walmart and let him help me pick out the fabric, so it's trucks, of course. This actually turned out to be a very inexpensive project, since the fabric was only $4.50 per yard. It was easy and fun and I enjoyed making this for him! It makes me feel good that he will have something special and homemade when he has to lay down at school. 

Graham is very proud of his new "night night!"

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