Thursday, September 13, 2012

Graham's First Day of School!

Graham will be going to preschool at our church one day a week from 9-2. Today was his first day! He will be in the same classroom that he has bible class in on Sundays so it is very comfortable and familiar to him. He was very excited about carrying his truck backpack and his cars lunchbox. He gave me a kiss and said "bye bye" and walked right in! They don't like parents to come in the room with their child, and I know from experience that this makes the transition easier for both parties. But I must say that as I watched him walk in with his lunchbox and a smile on his face, my eyes filled with tears. I am just so proud of him. And letting go, even for only one day a week, is hard. But I know it will be very good him, and for me as I try to prepare for a new baby. He is such a big boy and he's growing up so fast!

In this picture he is very serious, trying to tell me about the trash truck he just heard outside. :)

Walking down the hall to his class.

Saying hello to one of his teachers.

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