Thursday, September 13, 2012

Graham's New Bed

We have been meaning for several weeks to move Graham from his toddler bed to a twin bed. He is really too big for the toddler bed. For his birthday in April, we got Graham new bedding for a twin bed and I have been excited to get it out and use it! Also, we knew he needed to get used to the twin bed before Molly comes. On Saturday my brother and my dad came over and helped us rearrange furniture. We also attached a safety rail to the twin bed.

I bought these wall decals online to decorate his room with. They turned out really cute!

Graham is SO PROUD of his new bed. It's amazing how all his little sleep issues have been solved by moving him into this new bed, I guess he must have been kind of uncomfortable. He was taking about an hour to fall asleep and then waking up several times during the night. Since we've moved him, we don't hear a peep after we tuck him in until the morning!

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