Thursday, August 2, 2012

Potty Training

Just FYI, potty training is the hardest thing ever!

I really want Graham to be potty trained before Baby Molly comes. So I decided that this week (we didn't have anything going on) would be a good time to do it. I was very prepared. I read a potty training book, bought a potty chair and all kinds of goodies for rewards, and let Graham pick out his new big boy undies. I started on Tuesday.

After about a million accidents (OK not really but probably at least 30), several baths, tears cried, tantrums thrown, and once Graham and I were both completely miserable, I have decided that he is not ready to potty train. After all, I certainly can't make him use the potty, and he is not the greatest communicator. We'll try it again in a couple of months.....(maybe).

After all, Baby's not coming till November. I've still got plenty of time right??? I totally now believe mothers who have told me that potty training is the hardest thing they've ever done! Having Graham back in diapers has made me so happy, I've really been on cloud 9 ever since!

PS - If you have any tips for the next time I decide to tackle this, I'm all ears!

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