Thursday, August 23, 2012

All About Graham

I think its been a while since I really updated about Graham: what he does during the day and what he's into.

Graham LOVES books and loves to be read to (always has). Chad and I each read him probably 10-20 books per day!

Graham is such a good eater. He usually eats anything I serve him and cleans his plate. The only thing he really doesn't care for is pasta.

Graham sleeps from about 8:30-7:30 each night. He still takes a long (2-3 hr) nap every afternoon. He sleeps in his toddler bed but we are moving him to a twin bed soon. He has completely outgrown his pack n play.

Graham's obsession with cars and trucks continues! He is now also really into trains, boats, airplanes, and helicopters.

Graham's speech has improved so much! He says 2 and 3 word phrases throughout the day. He is learning new words every day. He has his yearly ECI evaluation this week and he did so well that he almost didn't qualify to receive services anymore.

Graham loves to see and play with his friends. He likes sharing his toys with his friends. Next month he will begin a mother's-day-out program at our church one day a week. He also gets to play with kids at bible class Sunday and Tuesday mornings, and at play group once a week.

Graham loves to run, gallop, and jump. He is full of energy! He also loves music and dancing.

Graham can now easily work most of his puzzles. He knows the colors purple, yellow, red, blue, and black. He likes to scribble with crayons. He likes to's how he counts: two, two, TWO!

Graham is very shy and reserved but he's also very loving. He likes to give hugs and pats and kisses (on the mouth!). He likes to pat my tummy and talk about "baby."

We are biased, of course, but we just think he is the sweetest most precious boy. We thank the Lord for each day we spend with him. 

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