Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Ever since I found out that our new baby is most definitely a girl, my mind has been reeling with all the possibilities of PROJECTS. I have wanted a baby girl for so long, and I just want to make her all kinds of things! I may not finish it all before she arrives, but I'm having so much fun I don't care.

I have purchased small amounts of some funky fabric to make some unique burp clothes. They will also eventually be embellished with some appliqu├ęs (my specialty).

I've also purchased a new Christmas stocking kit. I had bought one that looked like a train when I thought we were having a baby boy. I'll just save it for our next boy. I certainly couldn't use it for baby Molly! She has to have the cute sugar plum fairy one. 

I am also planning on making all of Molly's baby bedding. I am getting some practice right now because I am helping my friend Tara make some baby bedding for her baby girl Madelyn who is coming in September. I haven't purchased fabric yet....but I'm thinking about this:

What do you think? When it comes to fabric, there are just so many choices that it makes it hard to choose! By the way, baby Madelyn and Molly will be only a few weeks apart, just like their big brothers Jaxon and Graham. Fun!

Finally, I plan on making a colorful nursing cover. I have a nursing cover that I used with Graham, but it didn't have boning at the top and that made it difficult to use (but I used it a lot anyways). Since then I've learned how to make the kind with the boning (easy!) so I'm planning on buying some super cute fabric and making that too. Here is the tutorial I like to use. It will maybe look something like this:

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