Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

OK so I am finally sitting down to post about our trip to Atlanta, GA over Thanksgiving. We had such a wonderful trip! Graham did really well on the plane. He was definitely a handful, but we had lots of fun toys and snacks for him and we were able to keep him relatively entertained the whole flight.

The day we arrived, Wednesday, we had Thanksgiving dinner at Chad's mom's house. Some of our closest Atlanta friends and family were also there including Chad's sister Heidi and husband Matt (all the way from Chicago!) and our close friends Josh and Lori Beth (from DC) and their new baby, Liam. I'm afraid I was kind of a baby hog but he was so precious! The food was delicious and we had the most wonderful time.

On Thursday we hung out all day at Chad's dad's house. We got to hang out with Chad's wonderful Granny and some of his aunts and uncles. We talked and laughed and ate and had a great time.

On Friday we spent most of the day resting and recovering. Then when Graham got up from his nap we decided to take him to the Georgia Aquarium. We discovered when we got there that we would have to wait, so we walked across the street to Centennial Park. What a cool park! We played with Graham, watched the fountains, got a snack, and just had a blast. Then we went to the aquarium....boy was it crowded! Despite the crowds, Graham really enjoyed watching all the fish. He learned the sign for fish that day. If you haven't seen it, you really need to try to visit the Georgia Aquarium. It is the largest in the world and its really something to see!

On Saturday we had a delicious breakfast with Chad's dad and his family and then we had some family photos taken. They turned out so good! Pictures to come soon. On Sunday we flew back home. Graham did really well again but by the time we got home we were all three exhausted! Traveling with a toddler is tiring no matter how you slice it. But it was definitely worth it. Thank you to everyone in Atlanta for a very memorable visit!

Since writing the above I have tried twice to upload some of the pictures from our trip. We have a new computer and I can't seen to figure it out right now. Pictures to come soon....I hope.

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