Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I hate to brag....but....well this is my blog and I can brag on my son if I want to!

Graham has been a little behind in the verbalization department. He has been receiving speech therapy through ECI. His therapist comes to our house twice a month. Instead of teaching Graham words, she has been focusing on teaching him sounds using fun toys. It was slow going at first. Graham did not understand that he is supposed to imitate and repeat the sounds. The last time she came he repeated only 4 sounds (better than 0)! Since then I have been working with him diligently and he is finally starting to get the idea of repeating me. Today when she came he repeated 14 sounds! Awesome improvement in 2 weeks! And at the end of the session he looked at a picture of Santa and repeated me when I said, "ho ho ho." Progress! I was very pleased. He can also say 5 or 6 simple words.

Here's Graham with his current FAVORITE toy: a car from the grocery store.

Happy boy in the morning. With his car.

Learning to touch the Christmas tree and ornaments gently.

Playing outside with Razz - one of his favorite things to do (when the weather permits!)

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  1. I'm so glad to hear the progress! We need to get the boys together soon!