Thursday, December 8, 2011

Uncle Jon

Graham has three uncles: my brothers Jon and Britt and Chad's brother-in-law Matt. He doesn't get to see any of his uncles all that often. Matt and Heidi live in Chicago, Britt lives in Searcy, Arkansas, and although Jon lives fairly close (Frisco), he is a high school teacher and coach and we all know how busy coaches are! The Tuesday before we left to go to Atlanta for Thanksgiving, Jon came over and spent the afternoon/evening with us. We had a great time! He came with us to run some errands, go to the park, had dinner with us, and we even got to play one of my favorite games - Munchkin. Graham really warmed up to Jon during this visit. Jon tossed him up in the air, wrestled with him, swung him by his arms, and by the end of the night Graham felt so comfortable that he sat happily in his Uncle Jon's lap. I'm terrible about taking pics of G with his relatives, but I did snap a good one that night. Thanks for coming, Uncle Jon!

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