Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

We dressed Graham up as a farmer for his Halloween costume this year. He was comfortable in it and it turned out really cute! The only bad part was that he didn't want to wear the hat. Good thing I only spent $3 on it! We didn't really take Graham trick or treating this year. We took him for a walk around the block (with him walking, no stroller) which he loves. We knocked on a few of our neighbors' doors, but I think we were a little too early because Graham goes to bed so early... and because Graham's daddy was too excited to wait. =) Afterwards we sat outside (we had gorgeous weather!) and handed out candy, we always have lots of trick or treaters in our neighborhood. I had Halloween music playing which Graham loved, he likes dancing. I let him have his first bite of candy, a reese's peanut butter cup which he really enjoyed. I think that Halloween will probably be a little bit more exciting for him next year.

Graham helping me carve our pumpkin:

The finished project:

Hope you had a happy Halloween!

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