Friday, November 11, 2011

Feeling a little sad...

because it's dawned on me that somewhere between Graham's 1st birthday and now he stopped being a baby and became such a big boy! He has become so much more strong willed and independent (maybe it's the red hair??). We definitely have a toddler on our hands! He is now fully capable of playing by himself and entertaining himself (even outside with the door open, his favorite) for 20-30 minutes at a time. He knows what he wants now and doesn't like to settle for what mommy wants him to have most of the time! There have been tantrums. Oh yes, there have been tantrums. And I am starting to see that this embarrassing behavior is going to be a part of lives for a while (he's not even 2 yet!). We are doing our best to teach him to be obedient and self-controlled, and hoping that some of it is sinking in. Part of the problem is Graham's inability to communicate with us much verbally. He understands most everything we say, but still has very few words. He is, however, picking up new signs everyday and communicates with us through sign language. He is receiving speech therapy through ECI at our house (LOVE Graham's therapist!). A perk of this new toddler stage is getting to see the joy on his face as he learns and discovers. He is so curious. For instance, this week Graham learned the sign for bird. Since then, he has been spotting birds everywhere! In books, on TV, on walks, and in our backyard. So we are taking the good exciting things with the hard challenging things as Chad and I embark on a new season in our lives: disciplining a toddler. Lord, give us wisdom!


  1. I am sad that he isn't a baby anymore either, but it is so fun watching him learn and grow! You have such a sweet boy on your hands and yes, we will both survive the toddler days (and maybe even enjoy them too)!! Thank goodness we are both going through it together, right?!?!

  2. I am SO glad that I'm not in this alone, Tara!! :)