Monday, January 20, 2014

How to Get Involved

This probably isn't any new information for those of you know us. But I thought perhaps some of you out there who like to read about our African adventures might wonder how they can get involved. Anyways, it's a reminder! :)

1. PRAY. We believe in the power of the prayers of God's people. I try to mention some prayer requests in our newsletter each month (please let me know if you don't get our newsletter but would like to). You are also welcome to message me or Chad at any time to ask if there is anything to be praying for. It seems like often someone asks that right at a moment when we need specific prayers!

2. Donate. We have learned that there are always unexpected expenses lurking in Africa...but God always provides! And we are always super excited when God calls someone to join with us by giving once or monthly. If you decide to give, please include a note indicating that your donating to the "Chad Allen Uganda Mission." Donations can be send to:

The Hills Church of Christ
6800 NE Loop 820 
North Richland Hills, TX 76180

3. Send a note of encouragement. We are far from home and far from all things comfortable and      familiar. And we really want to keep in touch with all you and we love to hear how you're doing! Send an email, facebook message, text message, or best of all: SNAIL MAIL. Speaking of which....

4. Send a care package. I hesitate to even put this because sending packages here is expensive. But nothing brightens our day like receiving some goodies from the states! Here is our mailing address:

The Allens
P.O. Box 1790
Mbale, Uganda

Care package wish list items:
ANY kind of American snacks! Such as: crackers, cookies, nuts, etc.
Candy, especially M&Ms
Flavored coffee creamer
Quick breakfast items like granola bars or pop tarts
Baby snacks like gerber puffs
Parmesan and Velveeta cheese
Baking mixes
Quick meals like rice-a-roni or pasta sides

5. Get us an Amazon gift card. We get all our books on our kindle, and we sometimes order things that we need from the states on for a visitor bring over to us. We would always use and appreciate an amazon card!

That's about all I can think of! We sure do appreciate all the amazing support that we receive. We sometimes feel so far away but we love and appreciate you so much!

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