Wednesday, January 29, 2014


It's been a while since I've blogged. I don't really have much to tell, so I think I'll just fill you in on our mundane happenings here in Mbale:
  • At the beginning of January Graham and I started back homeschooling strong. We had really slacked off when my friend and co-teacher Joy left. We do school for about 45-60 minutes per day including: music, calendar math, review of letters, numbers, shapes, reading bible stories, memory verses, reading of other books with comprehension questions, and art. He loves it.
  • IT IS REALLY HOT IN MBALE RIGHT NOW. I had no idea the dry season would be so....miserably hot. We have no AC (no one does) and I certainly have not adjusted to this heat yet.
  • We've been going swimming 2-3 times a week. We are very blessed to have 2 different hotels nearby where we can pay a small fee to swim. It's a great way to beat the heat. 
  • We have a really awesome new grocery store! Uchumi is a really nice South African chain of grocery stores. We often visit the one in Kampala and stock up on certain items when we're there. We're really excited to have more choices at our fingertips.
  • There's a lot of construction going on for LIU. They are right now digging two wells and fencing LIU's 56 acres. Chad has been driving out to the property almost everyday to trouble shoot. But....
  • We have a visitor! He is going to help Chad oversee these projects. He and his family (old friends of ours) are thinking and praying about moving to Mbale. His job would be to oversee construction of LIU's permanent campus. His wife will be here in about 2 weeks to visit as well. 
  • I'm still stuck in the paradox of missing my stateside friends and family but also really enjoying my new friends here in Mbale. Luckily I get to have both! Still very homesick sometimes though.
  • We are really looking forward to having Chad's mom come in March! 
  • Molly can walk, but is still crawling a lot. I'll try to get a good walking video soon.

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  1. So fun to get a sneek peak at what you're up to. :)