Thursday, September 12, 2013

Things I'm Good At

I love stealing a good idea for a fun blog post! I got this one from my friend Jessica.

Things I'm Not Good At:

  • Getting up early: I always have good intentions, but it rarely happens. :(
  • Completing projects: I often start with enthusiasm and lose steam.
  • Exercising: this is just embarrassing, but yeah....hasn't happened in months.
  • Letting things go: regrets sometimes haunt me.
  • Confrontation: there aren't many things I hate more. I often avoid it at all costs!
  • Staying off of my smart phone: it's an addiction.
  • Keeping the housework caught up: thankfully I am now blessed to have someone to help me with this one!

Things I'm Good At:

  • Spending quality time with people: it's very important to me.
  • Clothes Shopping: I enjoy putting together things that work for me a good price.
  • Inviting people over: love it, anytime. 
  • Trying new things: I'm game!
  • Cheering up Graham or Chad: I (usually) know just how to make the world right again.
  • Making our home comfortable: it's my pleasure. 
  • Making new friends: I'm always pleased to have one more!

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