Monday, September 23, 2013

Ugandan Lunch

Ever since we've gotten settled into our new home I've wanted to do something special for our workers. We employ 3 guards and a housekeeper. After discussing my idea with several people I decided to invite them all over for an outdoor lunch this past Saturday. I asked Betty and her friend Miriam to do the shopping and the cooking. I wanted them to cook all the things that Ugandans like to eat. 

So yesterday Betty and Miriam arrived in the morning and were busy little bees all day. We were expecting people at 1:00 (Ugandans eat their meals later) but in true African spirit, no one showed until about 2:30. Which was good because the food was ready to eat at 3:00. We served rice, Irish potatoes, chapati (kind of like tortillas), cooked cabbage, chicken, beef, and cake. And Ugandans love soda so we had lots of it. Everyone loved the food and said it was just what they like, which was what I had wanted! We sent all the leftovers home with them. We had two of our guards come with their families (one didn't make it), Betty, Miriam and her two daughters, our landlord George, and John, a man who has been doing some painting for us. 

Everyone left around 6:00. Now that's a late lunch! It was wonderful to have the opportunity to bless our workers with a nice meal and we hope to deepen these relationships through experiences like these.

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