Thursday, February 14, 2013

Me and My Valentine

In honor of Valentine's Day I am posting some of my favorite pics of me and my valentine. We sure have had some fun times together! I'm looking forward to many more! 

*Note: these pictures are mostly 2007-the present. I was too lazy to look up some older pics. :) But we have been together since late 2003 and had our first Valentines together in 2004!

We used to take pics with our dog before we had kids.

Enjoying a cappucino in Italy, Christmas 2007!

San Giminiano:

St. Simons Island. So many happy memories:

Cinque Terre (we used to love traveling together, before we had kids. Well, we still do! We just don't have the time/money):

Hiking in Switzerland. We love hiking together. 

St. Simons Island:

Vacationing in New Zealand:

Ice hiking in NZ:

Snow! I was about 6 mo preggo with Graham in this pic. 

And then there were 3!

St. Simons Island is even more fun now with little ones!

Pumpkin patch fun! Graham still talks about it. I was about 8 mo pregnant with Molly:

And then there were 4:

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