Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Day In Our Life

I thought you might be curious to know what an average day is like at our house taking care of 2 kiddos under 3. 

7:00 - I wake up and nurse Molly, try to squeeze in a shower and a cup of coffee before Graham is up. I get the kids dressed and we all have breakfast (often on the couch these days). 

8:00 - Molly takes her first nap and I usually finish getting ready/start on a few chores/spend some time with Graham. 

9:00 - We are usually getting out of the house for something by this time, our day runs much smoother that way! I nurse Molly again while we're out and about. 

11:00 - We're usually getting home. Molly takes another nap and Graham plays, usually outside, while I make lunch. 

12:00 - Lunch. I let G watch some TV afterwards (me-chores). 

1:00 - Graham has his "rest time" (that's right - no more nap!) while I get Molly up to feed her again and have a little one on one time with her. 

2:00 - Graham gets up, Molly goes back down. Graham and I spend the afternoon playing, coloring, reading, watching movies, etc. 

4:00 - Molly's back up to eat again. 

5:00 - Molly goes back down for another nap, Graham has independent play time in his room while I *try* to make dinner. By this time our day is sometimes falling apart and I end up throwing a frozen pizza in the oven or something. Let's just be honest! The afternoons have become a lot more challenging since Graham stopped napping. He's usually pretty tired and cranky by now. We'll all get used to it though, I'm sure. 

6:00 - Chad walks in the door and I praise the Lord that he's home! We all eat together. 

7:00 - Molly gets up to eat, Chad gives Graham a bath and then he goes to bed. 

8:00 - Molly goes to bed and things get QUIET (NOTE: Molly's becoming a much better sleeper but she's not always sleeping during nap time like she should be).  I usually try to catch up on dishes and laundry or else collapse on the couch. 

10:00 - I nurse Molly one last time before she goes to bed for good in our room. I always go straight to bed afterwards. Molly now SLEEPS ALL NIGHT!!! That's right, from 10:00-7:00, and I usually have to wake her up at 7:00. A full night of sleep is such a blessing. 

I am loving taking care of my kiddos all day but we are all still definitely getting used to it!

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