Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Graham's obsession with trucks continues. He talks about trucks, plays with trucks, and looks at truck books all the time! This morning a friend was babysitting and when I got back she said, "As long as he could stand at the window and watch the construction trucks on our street he was happy!" Here he is in his big truck laughing hysterically:
Graham still really likes books, especially if they are about trucks. He likes to look at books about animals too. Here he is, looking at a book in his favorite spot: under the window:
Graham loves to try on our shoes and wear them around the house. He likes to say, "shoooooooe." He especially likes wearing Chad's shoes, but here's a pic of him trying on my flip flops:

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  1. It was so fun to watch Graham this morning! Max loved having a playmate. :) I'm sending you the cute pic of the two boys watching the trucks at the window here shortly!