Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hand Prints

Now that I've finally finished and handed out all the hand prints Graham and I made, I can post about it! You may recall this post about our friends Jaxon and Tara coming over to make salt-dough handprints.
I had fully intended for these handprints to become special Christmas presents. But with all the holiday traveling and the unfortunate hand, foot, and mouth disease, I did not have time to finish them and send them out before Christmas. But I was determined! So after Christmas I painted them, wrapped them up, and gave them away. I think they were a big hit.
I did, of course, keep one for myself. I wish I had done one the year before! They are so easy to make, the only thing I had to buy was the paint. Here is a tutorial on how to make them. I found this tutorial on pinterest, which I am currently obsessed with.

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