Monday, January 2, 2012

Salt-Dough Handprints

Graham has a friend named Jaxon who is very special to us. He is 6 weeks younger than Graham. Being so close in age, they have a lot in common. Before Christmas, I invited Jaxon and his mommy Tara over to make salt-dough handprints to give away as gifts. The boys had a blast. We pulled chairs up to my island to make their handprints and they really liked standing up tall and playing with the dough. They each got to hold their own spatula and they really liked that too. These 2 are such wonderful friends to us! I think a play dough play date is in order soon, don't you think Tara? :)


  1. Love the pictures! I was actually wanting to make some playdough soon. And yes, we should let them experience it together--I think it would be quite fun!

  2. I saw these on Pinterest and wanted to try them. Maybe next year!