Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Visit

Well I'm sitting here at our computer and our house seems so....quiet! I am always sad when our company has to leave. I love having guests. The more the merrier!

This weekend Chad's mom and stepdad, Tom, came into town. Tom was here for a medical conference (although I think he signed up for one in Texas just to have an excuse to see Graham!). We had a lovely weekend. The only downer was that Graham has been sick with bad congestion all weekend. So we kind of ended up staying home most of the time. Friday night we decided to be adventurous and try a new restaurant in Dallas, called Toulouse. It's not really new, just new to us. I've only had french food a couple of times and really enjoyed it! We stayed home almost all day Saturday and Sunday, and loved it. We were really lazy. Sunday night my parents and my brother, Jon, came over and we went to eat at one of our favorite Fort Worth dives, Joe T. Garcia's. It was fun and delicious, as always.

Speaking of brothers: my other brother, Britt, is at HUF right now. What is HUF? Harding University in Florence. I know, you're so jealous right? I know I am. Jon and I both got to experience HUF (me in the spring of 2003) and I'm so glad Britt will too. My grandfather helped to start that program for Harding in the 1980's and the director is a personal friend of our family's. We've known them forever. I'm so proud of Britt and hope he has a wonderful time!

No pics from this weekend, sorry. Graham just wasn't up for it. He is a lot better now but still not fully recovered. Thank you so much, Tom and Paula, for a wonderful visit this weekend.

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