Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Recent Activities

The past week or so has been really nice. As much as I enjoyed all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, its nice to get back to doing our normal weekly activities. Some of which include:
  • Bible Class. Graham and I start a new bible class next Tuesday. He will no longer be in the nursery (*tear*) but will be in his own actual class.
  • Play Group. I am SO THANKFUL for my play group and all my stay-at-home mom friends. We have decided to make our get-togethers a weekly event. What would we do without you??
  • Grocery Shopping. I'm trying really hard to plan well so that I only have to do this once a week and then have plenty of food for all 3 of us all week. Its not as easy as it sounds!
  • Speech Therapy. Graham and I both love his therapist. His sessions with her just seem like play time for him.
  • Church/Small Group. We are so blessed to be a part of our church family! We moved from one campus to another closer one about 6 months ago, and soon we'll be starting a new small group with our new campus. Very excited to make some new friends.
There have been some other exciting events around here. On Friday night we drove up to Frisco to see my brother coach his basketball team. He is the freshman team coach. I LOVE basketball (having played in HS) and really enjoyed seeing Jon in action (so proud!). Graham enjoyed playing on his own little jungle-gym - the bleachers. Chad is teaching an evening class at DBU and his first class is tonight. He was off of work yesterday and we went with him to see his classroom - fun!

Here are a few fun pics I took recently when my mom and brother Britt came and spent a day with us. As you can see, Graham likes to play outside, no matter how cold it may be!

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