Thursday, August 5, 2010

Joe Bagby

I'll never forget when Joe Bagby and his family came to our church in Sweetwater the summer before my 9th grade year of school. I was so thrilled to meet Hope and Joy, his twin daughters who were my age. Joe was such an immediate blessing to our congregation. He poured life into it in every way. It was always so evident how much time he spent in prayer and fervent bible study to bring us messages from God's word. His sermons were always filled with emotion and I always left feeling uplifted and convicted. He always carried his worn bible, folded in half, as he spoke. I'll never forget the first night I spend at their house. They had only been in Sweetwater a few weeks. Paula was gone for some reason so it was just Joe, Hope, Joy, and I. The power went out that night and we had a wonderful time singing and talking by candlelight late into the night. Joe was always so selfless. He and Paula are raising their 2 granddaughters Kylie and Maddie. Their home has always been so completely welcoming for me. A place where I also felt at home.

My thoughts and prayers are with Joe and his family right now because he has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. I am just so amazed, looking back, at the way God has used him to impact the 4th and Elm Church of Christ, and the entire community in Sweetwater. I can't imagine how different my life would have been without him, and I know so many people who feel the same way. I know and believe with all my heart that God can do anything and I know God can cure the tumors if that is his will. Please pray for healing for Joe, and peace and comfort for his family. I hate to see them going though so much pain and hurt. I love them so very much!

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  1. Joe is an amazing man! We all had some good times together! We love him and will continue to pray for him and the whole family.