Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chad, Graham and I have really been enjoying our vacation to St. Simons Island! We've done a lot of walking on the beach, laying around at the pool, shopping, and most of all: being lazy. It's great. We've also been playing a lot of one of my favorite games: peanut (aka Nertz). Graham has just been going with the flow.

We took him in the pool one time and he didn't seem to mind very much. I've been very relieved that he's been eating and sleeping on his regular schedule. He's been working hard all week on rolling over, and has rolled over all the way a couple of times. If he's on a blanket on the floor (which he loves) he can now wriggle himself all over it. I'm just bracing myself for whe
n he becomes completely mobile!

We are spending this week with Chad's mom and Tom and our good friend Lori Beth. We'll be spending next week with my parents, aunt Missy, and my grandparents. It's so wonderful to get to relax and spend time with our families! Although I suspect that they are most excited about spending time with Graham.

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