Sunday, September 28, 2014

There is a Time for Everything...

I've really debated with myself on whether or not I should write this post. But in the end I decided that there is the possibility I could help or encourage another mom, and that makes it worth any embarrassment on my part. Plus, I've decided to be real so I'll just go with that. 

I first tried potty training with Graham just after he turned 2. Two days was enough to show me that he wasn't ready. At the time I was facing the craziness of having another baby and moving to Africa, so I decided we would just wait. When we were finally settled in our new home in Mbale, I decided to give it another go. Graham was about 3 1/2. Right away, he started consistently going #1 in the potty. We were so excited and so proud! I was sure that in another few days #2 would click for him as well. 

To our horror, it didn't. As time passed, I started reading all the books I had on child rearing and searching the internet. I quickly learned I wasn't alone. Everyone was basically saying the same thing: "your child just has to be ready, and that age is different for everyone." I sensed in my heart this was true, but I couldn't accept it and I tirelessly worked with Graham on potty training. I explained. I offered rewards. I encouraged. I made a potty chart. I made him sit on the potty every day at the times he normally went. And, I'll admit, I got really frustrated and on occasion, really angry. And Graham kept going #2 in his pants.

After almost a year, we came back to the US for about two months. I decided that this two months would be a break from potty training. I let him wear a pull up when he pooped, and we never talked about potty training at all. For two months. It was a break both of us really needed.

When we returned, I decided it was time to try again. I started encouraging him and making him sit on the potty at his usual times again. And in a few days it clicked, one year after he was potty trained with #1, and at the age of 4 1/2. I don't think I've ever been so relieved. Or proud. Or happy.

It comes to this: kids do things in their own time. Your child may do some things early, and some things late. And that's OK. You really do have to stop yourself from comparing your child with other children. If you doctor says theres nothing to worry about (and ours always did), then don't worry! And I know now more than ever that God hears and cares about our every prayer. He knows and he cares, and he answers in the way he knows is best, in his timing. 

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