Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back To School

On August 18th students returned to classes at Livingstone International University. On August 23rd we attended the convocation.

*side note: my kids sat quietly through the entire convocation!!

We have 25 new incoming freshman, and this is the first year that LIU has all four classes of students. In May we will have our first graduating class! We are so happy to see LIU's campus come back to life with the return of the students. I personally was very pleased to see all 5 of the girls I mentored this past year. 

Next week, Graham will be returning to school as well. I'll be homeschooling him for preschool this year. While I was in the states this summer I purchased Sonlight homeschool curriculum. I am also using some material that my amazing Aunt Rachel graciously shared with me. The kids and I will be very happy to step back into a regular routine. More pics and stories about homeschool to come!

Worshipping in chapel:

Here are Chad's 4 interns from this summer:

LIU's new students:

LIU's singing group the Melodies. They always manage to bring tears to my eyes!

Convocation speakers:

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