Thursday, March 13, 2014

When Daddy's Away

Well, so far we've survived! Our two weeks without husband and father are almost over. It's been tough, I think that the first three days were honestly the hardest. And now on Sunday Chad will be home and he is bringing his mom. We are SO EXCITED to have our first family member visit! Here's a bit of we've been up to:

Rainy season is finally here! The seasons literally changed overnight. One day it was oppressively hot and dry (as it had been the last several weeks) and the next day we woke up to a cloudy sky and thunder. The cool weather and rain have really been a relief. However, rainy days don't make great pool days. So this past Tuesday instead of having a pool day as planned, we had all our friends over to watch a movie and eat popcorn.

We are getting ready for a "Thomas the Train" themed 4th birthday party. We are going to do his party a tad early so that his Nonnie can be there.

We have continued to work on preschool.

Molly has been everywhere and into everything! She is obsessed with walking. Here she is sucking on a mango pit and getting into a tub of margarine (big mess!)

When it was still hot, we tried to beat the heat in any way we could! I found this inflatable pool in one of our grocery stores.

I hosted "game night" one night. We had crepes in honor of Britain's National Pancake Day (pancakes are crepes there). We have several British friends here in Mbale. We had so much fun!

I don't think I could have gotten through this time without my wonderful friends. My friend Jill let me use her van the whole time, so that I was never stranded without a car. My friend Natalie came and stayed with us for 5 days (after that two stateside LIU workers have been staying with us). God has provided in every way. But I sure am looking forward to having a little help with the kids!

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  1. Looks like you made the best of it while Chad was away. :) Can't wait to see what kinds of fun you're up to once he and Paula arrive!!!