Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Trip to Kenya

This past weekend we traveled with some of our teammates to Kitale, Kenya. Our trip had two purposes:

1. To help with a conference for teen girls that Melanie (a friend from the states) was hosting.

2. To renew our tourist visas. We are in the (really long) process of trying to get work permits. But until then we can only get one 90 day tourist visa at a time. 

The drive over was honestly long and hard. The roads were awful and I get carsick. It took us almost 2 hours to cross the border into Kenya. But it was all good when we finally arrived. I was not prepared for how much cooler the weather would be in Kenya! My kids each have only one pair of long pants that fit (I didn't think they'd need them in Africa - wrong!) and they each soiled theirs in the first 12 hours we were there. Classic. I ended up having to borrow some warm clothes for Molly.

The place we stayed was called Karibuni Lodge. I loved this place! It was different houses and cottages spread out over their compound, which was gorgeous. It is run by an African man (who is an amazing cook) and his British wife. We held the conference at Karibuni so I was there all weekend. 

We had about 50 girls come for the conference. The message that Melanie delivered was about a woman's identity in Christ. It was a really good message, even for me. God really blessed our time with these special girls! All of the girls wanted to hold Molly. I let them, but after about an hour of being passed around she was DONE and wouldn't let anyone hold her but me. They all loved her. While I was helping with the conference as much as I could, Chad took Graham swimming with some other kids. We enjoyed wonderful food and fellowship the whole time we were there. 

I didn't take any pictures so I am sharing some of the ones that Melanie took:

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