Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Mission Team

I thought you might like to meet our mission team, otherwise known as our extended family! We get to see the wonderful people almost everyday. Living in community here is a pleasure and a necessity. 

At the front left is Roger Fletcher. His wife Joey is not pictured. Roger is the temporary vice chancellor of LIU until a new permanent replacement is found. Roger and Joey have become like grandparents to all the kids on the team. We love them and are so thankful for their servant hearts. Chad works very closely with Roger at LIU. 

Next to Roger is J.P. and Jill Robinson. Their kids are the two older kids in the middle: John Mark and Riley who are 10 and 7. J.P. heads up the work of Mbale Church of Christ and all of the village churches that it overseas. Jill heads up the women's sewing ministry and is also a nurse, so I am coming to her with questions all the time. They have been here about 18 months. We lived on their compound for the first several weeks we were here. Graham loves to play with their kids and has a fair amount of hero worship for John Mark. 

Above Jill is Ty Hayes. Ty is the newest member to the team. His job is to teach and eventually find a permanent educational solution for ex-pats in Mbale. He lives on the Vigil's compound. He is an MK from Kenya.

Next to Ty is Vince and Joy Vigil, our next door neighbors. Their kids are Elias and Alegra, who is being held by Roger. Vince heads up Good News Productions International. They are the most experienced team members so they get job of helping all of us through various questions and problems. They have been here 4 years. Joy and I have been doing homeschool preschool together everyday, and having a blast doing it. They just left for furlough in the US and won't be back until February. We are really going to miss them!

So now you knows the names and faces of the people who are encouraging and helping us every day!

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