Thursday, December 27, 2012

A White Christmas

This Christmas has been so special and I will always remember it. On Christmas Eve we went to a yearly family gathering at my aunt's house. We ate and exchanged gifts and and everyone enjoyed looking at our beautiful baby girl. When we go out with both kids now sometimes I feel like my heart could just burst with pride. We got home late and put the kids to bed. Then Chad got to work. He had to put together Graham's Christmas present: a train table that was in about a thousand pieces. When I got up to feed Molly at 1:30 he was just finishing up! 

It was cold and rainy all night and all morning. Graham was so excited to play with his trains and open his presents. I guess that the train table will be a permanent fixture in our living room for now. Someday I want a playroom. Later that morning my parents and brother arrived (my other brother was in Phoenix visiting his girlfriend). We opened gifts, chatted, and ate. I just love having everyone over to our house. Around lunch time it started to snow and didn't stop all afternoon! It was so beautiful. The only downside was that my brother's flight from Phoenix was canceled. When Graham woke up we were all excited to take him to play in the snow for the first time, but when he realized how cold it was he wasn't really very interested! We did finally get to see Jon and spend a little time with him when his flight finally arrived the next day.

Watching Graham enjoy Christmas was so fun for us, and everyone enjoyed cuddling with Molly. Having a white Christmas was just the icing on the cake! We will treasure this holiday because it was probably our last Christmas in the US for the next three years, since we are planning to move to Uganda in June.

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