Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby Dedication

Last night we went to the baby dedication at our church. It was to bless all of the babies born or adopted in 2010. Such a blessing! We were prayed over by one of our church elders and his wife. They gave us a family bible and some other goodies. Then during church they called all of the babies and families to the front to be prayed over. However, I couldn't really hear the prayer over all the crying! There were a lot of babies. It was such a blessing to be with all the other young families and welcome Graham into our church family! Here are some pictures:

Daddy got to leave work early to come to the dedication with us!

We were so happy that my mom could drive over for the night! My dad wanted to come too but had to work. We wish that Chad's family could have come too!

This is my friend Tara with her son Jaxon. He and Graham are 6 weeks apart.

This is my friend Jessica and her baby Megan. She and Graham are about 4 months apart.

Here are all the 2010 babies and their families!

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