Friday, October 8, 2010

Hand Specialist

This morning Chad and I took Graham to Grapevine to see a pediatric hand specialist (pretty crazy that doctors can get so specialized, huh?). It was really great to talk with someone who is so knowledgeable! He took some x-rays (they were normal) and thoroughly examined Graham. The doctor felt like we are doing all the right things to help Graham's hands function normally. He was impressed with how much progress his hands have already made in 2 months. He did say that surgery could be a possibility in the future, but that it would be years down the road. Overall Chad and I both liked him and felt very encouraged by his prognosis. We'll go back in 3 months. Graham has his 6 month checkup with the pediatrician next week. I'm really anxious to see how big he's gotten!

Here's a little update on what Graham's been up to: he's doing really well with solid foods, he loves it! So far he's had rice cereal and butternut squash (which I made). I've also made sweet potatoes, which he will try soon. He can almost sit up on his own! He LOVES to bounce when he's sitting in your lap and he loves playing in his exersaucer. He smiles and laughs all day. He wants to reach out and touch everything, especially faces. He is so good, he hardly ever fusses or cries. What a sweet, sweet baby. I hope all my babies are so wonderful!

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