Sunday, April 17, 2016

Graham's Birthday Questionnaire - 6 Years Old

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1. How old are you? Six. 

2. What makes you happy? Legos and jets and toys and Star Wars. 

*Graham has never seen Star Wars but he still likes it. In fact, he wanted to have a Star Wars birthday party this year. 

3. What is your favorite animal? My favorite animal is a dinosaur and a lion. No, I mean a whale shark. 

4. What is your favorite food? Pineapple and stuff like that. 

5. What is your favorite thing to do? My favorite thing to do is ride my bike. 

6. What is your favorite TV show? Mighty machines and Tom and Jerry. 

7. What is your favorite movie? Winnie the Pooh the Backson. 

8. What is your favorite color? Green and black and gray. 

9. What is your favorite song? The mighty machines song.

10. Who are your friends? John Mark and Riley and Jackson and Lilly and Ian. 

11. What do you like to do with Mommy? Play with my lego train. 

12. What do you like to do with Daddy? Play with Finn. 

13. Where is your favorite place to go? Kingfisher. 

14. What is your favorite book? Sharks. 

15. What do you want to be when you grow up? When I grow up I want to be a pilot. 

16. What is your favorite bible story? Noah's ark. 

Graham hit some big milestones this year including: learning how to swim, learning how to ride his bike without training wheels, starting kindergarten, and learning how to read and write. 

I am so proud of him, I could just about burst. Seeing him change and grow and have ideas and try things and learn and play and talk brings me more joy than I ever thought possible. 

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