Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Not Enough

In Mbale, we are surrounded by need. We are also surrounded by worthy projects and ministries. When we first arrived, we had to make a conscious effort to stay focused on what God had called us to do here. We were asked to help with lots of things, lots of good things. However, if we were to try to meet every need, we would burn out quickly. Not to mention, there is just not enough time and money to go around.

Still, we do what we can to help those in need around us, especially those we are working with us and for us. But even then, it sometimes feels frustrating to not be able to do enough.

For example, recently we had all of our worker and their families come over for a appreciation lunch. We do this once a year for the 3 guards and 2 housekeepers who work for us. One of our guards has 8 children, including a 1 month old baby girl. His children ran and played all over our compound, all wearing hand-me-down clothes from my kids, and all frighteningly thin. They seemed happy and healthy though, I argued with myself. When we sat down to eat, all of his children had plates heaping full of food.

And then my heart almost broke when his boys got up and asked for seconds, and each devoured another heaping plateful.

I know that this lunch was special to them and that they enjoyed it. I know that the salary we pay their dad pays for their food, shelter, and school fees. But they are still hungry. They are still needy. We do what we can, but we can't do enough. On this earth we can never do enough to help the broken and the hurting. We simply have to do what God calls us to do in the name of Jesus, and know that Jesus is enough. He is enough for each of us.

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