Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Nonnie's Visit

We were so blessed to recently have Chad's mom visit for two weeks!

We timed her visit so that she would be here while I was at the women's retreat in Kenya. I didn't get to go to the retreat last year and really wanted to this year, but knew Chad would need some help with the kids. He had to take the week before the retreat off from work for school and couldn't take another entire week off. Paula was gracious enough to be willing to help. 

Side note: the retreat was such a blessing to me. I got to get in a lot of extra rest and I really enjoyed spending so much time with friends old and new. There were two speakers who came from the states and everything they said seemed to be so relevant to my life. I just can't tell you what a blessing it is to fellowship with all kinds of women facing the same kinds of joys and struggles that I am. These 5 days were a huge blessing to me!

When I got home, we had about 5 days to spend with Paula in Mbale. We went swimming, took her to church, but mostly we just played with the kids at home. One highlight: one day Paula and I left the kids with my house help and I gave her a driving tour of Mbale. I took her to our favorite supermarket, called Bam, and to the local market. I think she really enjoying seeing where we buy our food and what's available. 

We drove Paula to Entebbe, and had an entire afternoon and evening there before her flight. We did something super fun that we have never done before and visited the Entebbe Zoo. Molly had never been to a zoo, and Graham hadn't been in two years and didn't remember it at all. We had the best time! The kids got to feed giraffes, and the most fun was watching a group of 15 chimpanzees play together up close. That night we ate Thai food which was really special for us. 

Thank you so much for coming Paula and we can't wait to see you again soon!

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