Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Celebrating holidays in Uganda is really different, and evokes a lot of bittersweet feelings. 

On one hand, I'm very thankful that my kids are escaping exposure to so much useless commercialism. I think we can all agree that the holiday commercialism in the states has gotten out of hand. My kids don't see any of the TV commercials, and they don't walk into any stores packed with big bright signs and a ton of candy and junk they don't need. Thankful.

However, it's really sad to think that a holiday like Easter could pass and my kids wouldn't have a clue that they are missing anything, unless I put forth the effort. I want my kids to have the same special memories of holidays that I have from my childhood. Easter baskets and egg hunts are nostalgic for me! For that matter, so are Christmas trees, valentines, and trick or treating. I love holidays.

So, like anything, there's good and bad.

We started out our Easter this year by going to church and celebrating the resurrection of Christ. At our church, the children's bible class meets during the sermon, and usually all ages are in one class together. Molly is too young to go by herself, as she still has a tendency to wander off. Sometimes I go with her, sometimes Chad, sometimes our friend Mebol. This Sunday I was with the kids in bible class and I enjoyed hearing the lesson on the resurrection and was pleased to see how much Graham knows about it, although he's too young now to fully understand what it all means. 

Sunday night we had a community barbeque and egg hunt. I'm SO thankful for the community of missional workers in Mbale! What a blessing that we can continue some of our cultural traditions in the midst of a completely different culture. 

Graham was a pro at hunting eggs this year, and had a blast. At one point he shouted out, "I love finding Easter eggs!" This was Molly's first egg hunt. Once I showed her what to do, she didn't need any more help and really enjoyed herself. It really is special and fun to see the kids enjoying traditions that I enjoyed as a child. Having a great community here makes that possible.

I didn't get any pictures at church, I really only took pictures at the egg hunt.

There were so many kids of all ages that we split them into two separate egg hunts.

Graham and Molly were both in the 5 and under group.

Do you like their matching Elmo Easter baskets? :)

And of course at the end they got to eat candy!

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